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Committee Chairs

We are grateful to the following members who serve as Committee Chairs to the Academy of Food Law & Policy

Scholarship Committee (Board liaison, Baylen Linnekin) 

Margot Pollans, Pace Law School

Alexia Brunet-Marks, University of Colorado School of Law

Timothy Lytton, Georgia State University College of Law

Membership & Outreach Committee  (Board liaison, Susan Schneider & Neil Hamilton)

Josh Galperin, Yale Law School

Laurie Beyranevand, Vermont Law School

Conference Committee (Board liaison, Emily Broad Leib & Margaret McCabe)

Michael Fakhri, University of Oregon School of Law

Melissa Mortavazi, University of Oklahoma College of Law

Nate Rosenberg, University of Arkansas School of Law

Nicole Negowetti, Harvard Law School

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